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Litigation Support

We provide our clients with litigation services done to the highest standard. We serve as excellent strategic advisors on your particular concerns and provide expert testimony when required.

Expert Witness Services

When litigation occurs, we can function as your expert witness. As qualified professionals, we can present an opinion to support or oppose evidence submitted to the court.

Litigation support

If you have pending or existing litigation that is accounting in nature, you can rely on us for exceptional litigation support that deals with the precise quantification of economic damages.

Our litigation specialists and forensic accountants take time to look beyond the numbers, untangle any financial disputes and conduct any financial investigations for you.

We work closely with reputable and well-respected law firms in the region who specialize in various matters, including disputes, embezzlement, breach of contract, fraud and many more, depending on your current accounting and financial status.

Whether you need someone to handle wrongful termination or quantify economic damages, we are your go-to accounting firm in College Station, Texas.


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